Sensitive Skin Number 2, Vol. 1

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Sensitive Skin features art, writing and music, without rules or boundaries, by both famous and emerging artists, writers, and musicians from around the globe.

Sensitive Skin Number 2, Summer 1994

Seemed like everybody wanted to be in the skin by the time we wrapped up our original print run with our 2nd issue (or is it Peau Sensible #6? A great mystery…). Contributors include Patrick McGrath (The Grotesque, Spider), John Giorno (Giorno Poetry Systems), Eileen Myles (Not Me, School of Fish), David Rattray (Opening the Eyelid, How I Became One of the Invisible), founder and publisher of American Book Review Ron Sukenick (Doggy Bag), punk icon Richard Hell (Go Now), Chris Kraus (I Love Dick, Aliens & Anorexia), Ann Rower (If You’re a Girl), Max Blagg (Ticket Out), Tom Murrin (The Alien Comic), photographer and underground filmmaker Richard Kern(New York Girls, You Killed Me First), David Ulin (LA Times book critic), painter David West (Music: Drawing Down the Muse) and many more, plus most of the usual gang.

Writing by David Rattray, Ann Rower, David Ulin, John Giorno, Darius James, Ron Sukenick, Carl Watson, Merry Fortune, Sal Salasin, Hal Sirowitz, Carolyn Peyser, Michael Carter, Ivan Lerner, Alexander Laurence, Edwin Torres, Lorrainne Schein, Lyn Lifshin, Richard Hell, Christian X. Hunter, Tim Beckett, Jan Schmidt, Alfred Vitale, Emily XYZ, Sparrow, Leonard Gontarek, David Haupstschein, Jill Rappaport, Patrick McGrath, Max Blagg, Mike Lee, Chi Chi Valenti, Mark Amerika, David Huberman, Tom Savage, Rob Hardin, Chris Kraus, Eileen Myles, Ron Kolm, Lillian Crist and Lola Rodriguez.

Art by Tom McGlynn, Shalom Neuman, Richard Kern, Carolyn Pingrée, Franco Turchi, David West, Seth King and Don Rock.

Plus a fan letter from Seth Paquin, who thought we were the Megadeth (sic) fan club.

Published Spring/Summer 1994, 40 pages, 8.5″ x 11″, black and white, PDF format.

Sensitive Skin began as a print venture from New York’s Lower East Side in the 1990s, and published such literary luminaries as Richard Hell, Steve Cannon, Jack Micheline, Penny Arcade, John Farris, Eileen Myles, Lynne Tillman, Patrick McGrath, Bob Holman, Maggie Estep, Emily XYZ, Herbert Huncke and Joel Rose, with art by Andres Serrano, Ari Marcopolis, Andrew Castrucci and James Romberger, to name but a few….

Sensitive Skin was reborn in the summer of 2010, and has since presented original work by such esteemed writers, artists and musicians as Samuel R. Delaney, John Lurie, Gary Indiana, Sharon Mesmer, Charles Gatewood, Gretchen Faust, Alex Katz, Peter Blauner, Hal Sirowitz, Arthur Nersesian, Maggie Estep, Fred Frith, Evelyn Bencicova, Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop, Winston Smith, Sue Rynski, Steve Dalachinsky, Marty Thau, Justine Frischmann, Craig Clevenger, Darius James, Stewart Home, Michael A. Gonzales, Drew Hubner, Jonathan Shaw, Melissa Febos, Stephen Lack, Max Blagg, Patricia Eakins, Díre McCain, Rob Roberge, Kurt Wolf, Erika Schickel, John S. Hall, Kevin Rafferty, Elliott Sharp, Mike Hudson, James Greer, Ruby Ray, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.