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A Kind Of Love Story

A Kind Of Love Story

Walking along Avenue A I was kind of drunk
It was kind of desolate and kind of late
All the stores were kind of closed
And there was this guy who kind of looked like you
He kind of smiled
I kind of smiled too
He kind of waved me over

Avenue A David Shankbone
photograph by David Shankbone

I kind of went to him whatever
He kind of smoked a cigarette
He kind of put his arm around me
And I kind of let him
We kind of walked over to his place

He kind of had me alone
He kind of showed me his record collection
And we kind of listened to old jazz, the Rolling Stones
He kind of lit a blunt
We kind of smoked it

He kind of had a bottle of Tennessee whiskey
You can guess what we kind of did with that

We kind of kissed in the half shadow moonlight
Then we kind of did other things kind of

In the morning he said he kind of wanted to take me on a long car trip
I said I was kind of down with that
I kind of felt I was in love
He said he kind of felt it too

We kind of packed up everything he owned and skipped town
This, because you stood me up
That was very kind of kind of you

–Jennifer Juneau


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2 thoughts on “A Kind Of Love Story

  1. Yeah. I kinda no definitely dig this. Anaphora is said to be the oldest oldest poetic device, but you already know this.
    Read your poetry on my Rattle feed and just had to look you up. I’m glad I stumbled in.

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