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after cecil taylor concert

after cecil taylor concert

sing not song but string tuned harp(ie)s-chords
  lyric rhyme well constructed chaos nite –
            now a room floats about us
 enfolds & possibly loves us –
              a completion to a still unfinished psalm.

      let us lock the door & bar admission
                   but to the piano furious we shared with wet
                       let us remain locked to each other –
                                         somewhere a heavy throated reed
                                                wings above us & sings
  not song but tight stringed well handled bass fiddle screech
                         let us remain in love lust & laughter
                         let us remain
                         let us.
Cecil Taylor steve dalachinsky 2018 poetry month

Dedicated to the memory of Cecil Taylor, March 25, 1929 – April 5, 2018

–9/66 nyc, steve dalachinsky


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