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David West Drawings

Strange Neighbour Gallery in Melbourne is showing some of my work in Australia for the first time, focusing on my portrait and music drawings, along with the excellent work of Ruby Knight.

The portraits are done live, in one or two sessions. As for the music pieces, the majority of the work is done live, in a fashion that doesn’t disturb the subjects. I’ve developed a low-key approach that makes it even easier–working from roughs, and refining in the studio.
When I have enough time, I take a couple days with a group. In New York that was often the case. Here in Paris it’s different, and I rely much more on on my memory and roughs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve also added 11 new David West drawings, that are not in the show (the untitled ones) but are fun to look at. If you like his portrait work, get his book, Music: Drawing Down the Muse.

David West’s paintings are available through the Galerie Nuke, Paris, France.

David West drawings at the Strange Neighbour Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.
Opens Friday February 26, and runs thru March 19.
Gallery hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6.
395 Gore Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.


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