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Davy Jones' Locker

Journal Entry, Buenos Aires.

The innocence of the lambs, the shattered glass in voices, the screams of anger and dizzy despair behind the words. Dragons and demons behind the terror and joy, the hot dog goes down, spiritual chiropractic, men in suits come and go come and go. Don’t criticize. No mind, no thinking. Breathe in and out, up and out, weight on the shoulders, speed psychosis. Baubles bangles beads, sunbath by gunboats and Spanish castles. Just for today, breathe in the holy blend of esoteric geometry, invisible structures of power and transcendent wealth. Holy words of manifestation take flight and reappear in my line of sight, smell and sound; white flowers laying on still water translucent green. A placid smokey sky down by the port where memory shadows fly unhampered by futile configuration of desperate men in hypnosis twist, oversized flower pots through the looking glass vision unicorn tables and stark white clockwork kitchen. The NWO bastard sons are at it incessantly, building, building brick by tortured brick. Bring New York to Buenos Aires, the nightmare vision alive hurling tornado earthling satellite links to alien DNA codes, waking up to an electric start as the ship goes down.



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  1. Gonzo frequencies from planet Jonathan Shaw. Raising my literary vibrations to new heights. Great stuff!

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