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If Connie is short for Constance is Bon-

nie then short for Bonstance? Was the proper

name, then, of the bank robbing team of the

30s Bonstance and Clyde, and was my fav-


orite actress in the late 60s Bon-

stance Bedelia? To name one’s child Bonstance

would require a certain amount of con-

fidence in one’s constitution that a


child named Bonstance would not grow up to hate

you for naming her—or him, even—Bon-

stance. Bonstance, go to your room. Bonstance, take

out the garbage. Bonstance Franklin, will there


ever be another day as beauti-

ful as this one is in Beverly Hills?


-Jose Padua


Photo by Jose Padua. Jose Padua is co-author of the blog Shenandoah Breakdown.


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