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Formula / Expansive

Formula / Expansive

Formula: It can be tagged. It has a title. A double. A triple parallel. Trespassing permitted on immediate concreteness. A latched gate stood by itself to an enclosure enclosed. It fell and went unseen. Steal. Conquer. In. Inside. Insideness. The light from the street outdated. No specific purpose. Five exchangeable variations. Attempted vs. doing. Person #1. Person #2. While and therefore. Neither cease. I move as I should.

Expansive: She rose when she reached the brink. He said that it shouldn’t be washed if it’s prized, that you should understand the how despite the when. Shutdowns mimicking performances. Performances replacing stunts. Sobs that can’t be explained. Stars circle around hyenas and hotels and harpoons. They map the distilling of vinegar. Dawn’s crisscrossing changes impending positions. She curls up. More filled in. Herds and flocks trample stenciled arrows on sidewalks for forty minutes. Allure. Counterfeit. Forbidden. Opposing oaths buried but not headlined. He unrolled his masterpiece with the most original speech. She sat under a red umbrella. If one fires, they will all fire. Maybe one will withdraw.

–Randee Silv


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