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Four Poems by Hal Sirowitz


Removing Her Boots

She took off
her boots and
said now she can
get down and dirty.
She got down
but before she
could get dirty,
she fell asleep.


She took me
to the petting zoo.
The only bad thing
was I had to wait
in line with all
the other animals.

Simple Simon

If Simple Simon was really so simple,
Father said, how come he became
the hero of a nursery game.
I haven’t heard anyone shouting
out your name, yet. Maybe you should try
to act simple and see where it gets you.
Acting complex has gotten you nowhere fast.
You’ve become an authority on nothingness,
able to find it on any map. It’s where
the highway never goes.

The Adult Version

Jack and Jill ran up the hill
to have sex. Then, they decided
it was the wrong place—too out
in the open. So Jack fetched a pail
of water, hoping during the descent
he could think of a suitable place.
That was when he fell, because
he wasn’t concentrating on the pail.
And that Jill came tumbling down
after Jack proved that she was
thinking about sex, too.

–Hal Sirowitz

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