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A Glance Like Flashing Lightning

“Homage! Tara, swift, heroic!” – Chapter III, Tara Tantra

Facebook cyber-chat filled with bad
news and petitions
My answer to depression is
sleep and caffeine, whichever works first
Still. I shake off the blues
a wet dog & admire the face of Kathleen Cleaver
Black Panther Party savioress
young or old political smile of revolution
What to do next with such a smile
for those ruined with
drugs, bullets secret mind control
not yet uncovered
(why did Eldridge Cleaver
your husband come out of jail
a Republican & fringe group Christian
believing a living Chinese man was Jesus?)
– these things disturb my own smile Kathleen Cleaver
o gorgeous crone of the revolution
flashing your blue intellectual eyes
over the North Dakota vampiric oil
pipeline battle with First Nation water protectors
your bodhisattva eyes
of Green mercy Tara
of Red mercy Tara
of White mercy Tara
of Golden Mercy Tara
on the back of a boar
of wrathful golden Tara with 6 arms
and nine boars and 3 eyes of liberation
“born of a lotus from the tears on the face
of the Lord of the World!”


Kathleen Cleaver

–Marc Olmsted


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