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(i love the scent
of fresh cut grass)

the mower is black
with bright orange


illustration by JD King

no engine

to cut is to hear
the whir
of the reel
and to smell fresh cut
in quivering air
insects rising

(i love the scent
of fresh cut grass)

crickets buzz
harbinger of autumn

attic dust
thick and soft
as a slice of bread

a fly’s desiccated carcass lies
on a window sill

she waves good morning
to the old couple whose doorstep
she pissed on last week
they raise palms and smile
like idiots

midnight cabin
a woman
the window illuminated

untie the string
lift the lid

a whisper of rainfall…

(i love the scent
of fresh cut grass)

we got there
though I don’t know how

JD King

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