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Other Body Parts Are Worthy of Attention

“My problem is I’m both attracted and repelled by the male organ.”
—Diane Keaton, Manhattan

I hope you don’t quote me
as saying I like your sexual organ,
she said. There are better things

I’d like to be known for – like
being a good listener. I don’t
have a special relationship


Soft break up, oil on linen, 64″ x 50″ , 2014, by Clinton King

with only one part of your
body. I relate to every part,
even your eardrums. It’s hard

for me to not notice your groin
at times, but I hope to spend
equal time with your other

body parts, like your heels.
It’s difficult to say, “Put your
heels on my lap.” You might

come away thinking I have
a foot fetish. You’d be
dreadfully wrong.

–Hal Sirowitz

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