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John S. Hall at the Bowery Poetry Club

April 30, 2012 (or thereabouts), Sensitive Skin celebrated the release of its 8th issue with a mondo reading at the Bowery Poetry Club. Essentially everybody who’d been in the magazine so far was invited, which was too many and most of them showed up! The show went on too long, some people didn’t get a chance to read, and many left before the end of the show. So on some levels it was a disaster. But on another it was fun! There were some great readings, which, after a long delay due to sadness and dissolution, I’m going to start posting some. So here goes:

John S. Hall and John Kruth

John reads a poem, “I Hate this Guy,” that he apparently wrote on his way over to the club on his Blackberry. As soon as John Kruth is ready on sitar, he quits it and moves on to “How They Fucked,” which was originally published in Sensitive Skin #7. As usual, John’s work is brilliant, hilarious and absolutely filthy…

Poetry Video

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