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Looking Back at the South Bronx

City Of Strangers

South Bronx in the early 80's

Photo by straatis

I’ve been to the South Bronx, exactly once, in 1991. In those days I used to walk all over the city, into areas that I wouldn’t go now. I was young, possibly a little naive (or possibly not) and figured that so long as I didn’t show fear, I’d be okay. I had this trick I borrowed from William Burroughs, of watching every person on the street at once out of the corner of my eyes. It worked because for three years I toured all over Brooklyn, up to Harlem, out to Newark and Jersey, walking through the worst hell holes in the city and nothing ever happened to me.

Until, of course it did. Just a few blocks from where I live now in fact. But that’s another story.

When I went there, the South Bronx was still pretty rough. Though nowhere near as empty as this video, I remember being amazed at the piles of rubble everywhere, the vacant lots. And the people. No white faces of course, except mine. Some of the toughest looking people I’ve ever seen in my life were in South Bronx, that sunny spring afternoon. I still remember two black kids who walked past me on the street. They glanced at me ever so slightly, probably wondering what the fuck I was doing there. They had these weird mask-like faces like their flesh was made of leather, and the cold, cold eyes. Not dead exactly, but void of empathy or warmth of any kind. The eyes of killers. I saw the same faces in Newark, and from time to time on the G train in Brooklyn.

Woman and Child in the South Bronx, early 1980's

Photo by straatis
City of Strangers


13 thoughts on “Looking Back at the South Bronx

  1. Good gosh you took,a picture of the block I lived in the 70s 1475 shakespeare ave West 172nd st. I lived in 1475 and me dad was the super. 9yrs I lived there til the hood got bad then everyone else 1980 the block was completely abandoned like a ghost town. What a shame now what’s left is 1 building out of 8. Attended ps 104 now it’s ps 199. Played softball in the school yard stick ball and basketball games. I miss Shakespeare ave. Mike Julia.

  2. I lived in 1490 Shakespeare ave…Bobby, Billy and Gary; with a little brother named Joseph. Joyce would be our Mothers name.

  3. Long live the Bronx I remember when I used to live on that block Shakespeare Avenue man eight buildings were there and plus the private house it’s all gone except one building man how I miss my neighborhood I never forget where I come from even though the place went down but it was a beautiful neighborhood with big buildings and huge Apartments and the people were good attended PS 104 cross the street from my building on Shakespeare had more friends on that block

  4. Word mother fucker Shakespeare Ave Bronx NY is where I once lived and grew up there !!!!!!!!! So there

  5. Mr. Lieberman had his ground floor (air conditioned) office between 1480 and 1490 Shakespeare Ave. His handyman handled all his buildings on the block. The kids wanted to paint scully boards in the street, but he said no, fearing kids from other blocks would come to the dead end street to play.

  6. Yeah Dee lived on Jesup in a private house with his wife and he was the super @ 1491 , 1500, 1510 Shakespeare Avenue. My dad knew him and so did I.

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