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Narcoleptic Blues

Narcoleptic blues

To Ruth

Sleeping poems burning in my brain
“Solitude” tarot card cries out love supreme
Submerged ice flows turning to blood
Rising and melting through twisted clouds
Waves carry the tsunami toward
The Pain and Pleasure archipelago
Where the rocks are smooth as skin
And sand of rubies wash ashore
A landscape of curving legs and buttocks
Green plants undulating like female snakes
Fruits in the shape of breasts and vulvas
Wet dreams gushing as a volcanic vent
Deep caves inside caves, within caves
Imaginary animals drawn over walls and ceilings
Beside a blind passion gushing waterfall
Eternal moans of the hypnotic flesh
That rarely can be heard, even in silence
Seductive sirens’ wailing blues by the harbor
The madman singing out beyond the reef
Into the fjords that echo blue smoke
Vapors floating into unknown destinations
Not lost, just wondering beyond the dream

–Valery Oisteanu


1 thought on “Narcoleptic Blues

  1. A youthful offender’s lament…With skin in the game @ THE NAKED LUNCHEONETTE

    Ahh, but the dice cannot read their own spots,

    I’m poking ‘round in the archaeological digs
    Of a used and improbably mind
    Fumbling among the skipped parts

    & finding that my tongue
    Is the enemy, of my well executed smarts…?

    My inner voice spoke softly ‘bout loud issues
    “Stay an inch or two outta kicking distance…
    And take note of the sanity lost.”

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