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Navalny Blues

In a narrow cell padded with silence
On the gulag corridors to Purgatory
Walks the last hope for Russia without Putin
The cruel wind whistles through the cracks
Kafka trials stretch sentences beyond life
Cannibalistic theater of extreme cruelty
The evil clouds cover the Russian sky
The only hope is a true revolution
But no one has time for it
No one showed up for the protest march
Where is the underground press?
Where are the Sakharov’s of today?
All poisoned, killed, caged, afraid
Brainwashed by nationalistic neo-fascism
Generations obliterated of free-will.
Submissive heartless torturers, empty
Of impossible dreams of a country
Without FSB, without war and oligarchs
Storm the gates of the prisons and liberate
Navalny, Kara-Muzra and political prisoners
There will be no happiness in Russia
No laughter….only Navalny blues

–Valery Oisteanu


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