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New Work – Leslie Hardie

I aim to create a sense of energy in my work that stimulates emotion and thought. In a word, my work is about energy–the energy of human experience, of thought and emotion, of the chaos and order of Nature, and of the visual energy between forms.

Leslie Hardie


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7 thoughts on “New Work – Leslie Hardie

  1. These are exciting and intelligent works, simultaneously luminous and challenging, evocative and disturbing. Blue Abstract’s balance, textures, and jewel-like colors are arresting; Lisa shows a lenient regard for its subject. There’s something secret and haunted about Walk at Night, and Odalisque is a masterful and satisfying punch to the gut. The artist has brilliantly achieved his/her aim.

  2. Wow. What wonderful works! For me, art is about “evoking emotion”. And that is precisely what all of these do. Bound, odalisque, Lisa and Flake are my favorites… But they are all amazing art. Bravo.

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