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Ted Barron – Photographs

Ted Barron

A thief of the imagination, Ted Barron takes the photographs that we have in our heads. He came to NYC from St. Louis, a teenage East Village Tom Sawyer with a movie already lived that he made up in his head and began capturing his adopted city in timeless black and white. Lately he’s hit the road, traveling from Tuscaloosa to the Tetons and back with a song and a heart that aches for the lost stories of the continent as his guide. Each of his photos tells a story and is a timeless moment that needs no narrative. He exalts his subjects, lifts them into the mythos of the colossus American epic like his fore-bearers Frank, Weegee and Evans. He also talks a good game and knows a lot about baseball, and he’s not a liar, which might not mean much to a lot of people these days but means a lot to me.

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6 thoughts on “Ted Barron – Photographs

  1. Please, ‘splain “Scroll to Top,” button/non-botton,
    hovering close to the bottom of page (independant of scrolling)?
    This is annooying and I must have one of my own,
    thank you.

    Do you have pictures of the inflatable rubber life-size Voodoo Woman on Clinton? Although seemingly everlasting, now gone, gone. And my snapshot vanished soon after!

  2. What a great point of view. Totally engrossing details that leave the wonderful aesthetic in tact. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ted,
    Just saw a shot of you at Kit’s Shearburn opening–one with you in a group of people that Gary Passanise took. Didn’t even know Kit was having a show. Anyway, I looked at your web site and love these pictures of NY. Hope all is well with you. Fondly, Barry

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