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Rear Window 1, 2 & 3

rear window 1

she’s in her underwear
she’s fixing the curtain
she just took a shower
she’s vacuuming the house
she’s talking on the phone
finally that stool is occupied
she smokes with her left hand
while doing the dishes with her right
she has a tattoo above the left cheek of her arse
she has blond hair
dresses well
has a bicycle
stays up late
it’s hot it’s august
the room is empty

Hal Hirshorn(click to enlarge)

rear window 2

the girl across the sunlit alley
stands ½ naked by her window
most mornings
…..the sparrows are elongated & aggressive
it’s late afternoon
she’s wrapped in a towel
the curtains stop fluttering
she rests the towel on the window ledge
the towel says LUCKY STRIKE.

Hal Hirshorn(click to enlarge)

rear window 3

up early.
clouds. downpour. clouds
vacuuming. washing floor.
making love almost an hr.
biting. fingering. playing around.
torturing exasperating breasts.
i tell her to keep her clothes on.
i naked.
she. more orgasms. wine.
me. thrust gently into her wine-filled mouth.
she drinks. swallows.
naked. i rise.
the girl across the way is drying her hair in the sun.
she’s been to the beach.
somewhere where it’s warm. no rain.
she sips her coffee. shakes out her towel. sniffs her duffle bag.
our love making has cleared the sky.


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