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Sensitive Skin #11 Release Reading at Lit Crawl 2014 San Francisco

We’re very pleased to announce the release of our 11th issue, available in print and PDF format on October 15. As part of the celebration, we took part in Lit Crawl 2014 San Francisco, October 18, with a reading at Fellow Barber on Valencia Street. The full audio of the show is below.

Readers included:
Marc Olmsted – his new memoir, Don’t Hesitate:Knowing Allen Ginsberg ’72 – ’92 relates his adventures with the great beat poet, William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary and others.
Patrick O’Neil – former junkie, bank robber and road manager for Flipper and the Dead Kennedys, author of the memoir HOLD-UP.
Doug Rice – author of the new novel Between Appear and Disappear, his Blood of a Mugwump, was brought before Congress by Jesse Helms as evidence to dissolve the NEA.
Jenny Wade – one-time bass player (Vodka, Swans, God is My Co-Pilot), now translator of 20th-century Russian poetry.
Jesus Angel Garcia – unrepentant freak preacher/transmedia artist, author of badbadbad and leader of the band of the same name.
Ron Richardson – a tangled mass of stories. He has written a book called Narrative Madness, about the influence of narrative on perception and behavior.
Bernard Meisler – mc & host – publisher and editor of Sensitive Skin Magazine and Books, continues to work on the dystopian science fiction comedy novel That’s Entertainment, going on 30 years now.


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