Mastodon Sensitive Skin Live at Bowery Poetry Club 8-15-2010

Sensitive Skin Live at Bowery Poetry Club, 8-15-2010

Contributors to past, present and future issues showed up at the Bowery Poetry Club, August 15, 2010 in New York City. Much thanks to the proprietor, Bob Holman, for hosting us (and for joining us as a special guest star). Everyone was in good form and high spirits (although some may have been higher than others…)

First up was Ron Kolm, reading “Maupin Row”, from Sensitive Skin Magazine #3 (Sept. 2010), wherein he recounts his adventures while working for Vista in Appalachia in the 1960’s. Valuable lessons in vehicular love-making that would make J.G. Ballard proud…

Next came Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, reading two beautiful poems that will also be featured in issue #3, including “Electronic Dialogue” and “Walk Toward Me”.

Here’s some delightful tales of gothic horror and Victorian child-rearing practices from the great storyteller Rob Hardin. The second piece Rob is reading is “Merthiolate“, which appeared in issue #2.

Fourth in our all-star line-up is Christian X. Hunter, regaling us with his adventures in India. A magical and transportive text, parts of which were published in issue #2 under the title “Night Train Heading South“.

What can possibly go wrong when you mix prostitutes, drugs and – worst of all – police? Andrew Huebner reads a powerful and compelling excerpt from his novel-in-progress, parts of which appeared in issue #1 as The People’s College.

Here’s living lower east side legend John Farris, our first special guest star, reading his poem “Making the Burning Man.” I never thought of John as the Burning Man type, but he’s always full of surprises…

Another special guest star, the proprietor himself, Bob Holman, reads two poems, “Box” and “The Paintings Were Interesting.” “Let’s see you put that on the Internet!” Bob said. Here you go Bob!

Next up, the great Kurt Wolf and his one-man project Lapis Lazuli played a short but sweet set.

And here it comes, the fantastic crowd-pleasing wind-up to the whole show, delivered by the one-and-only Mr. Darius James. If you’ve often wondered – as we have – who would win the ultimate battle of good vs. evil, Santa Claus vs. Osama Bin Laden – we’ve got the answer right here.

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  1. Wonderful videos — terrific event! — thanks for letting me be part of it — buddy and tim, yr the best!

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