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Episode 20 – Marc Olmsted


Marc Olmsted in conversation with Bernard Meisler.

Marc Olmsted Dream Machine
Marc Olmsted with an original Brion Gysin dream machine

Marc Olmsted is a poet whose work has appeared in a million different places, he’s a teacher, of both writing and Buddhist meditation, and he wrote a great memoir about his close friend, Allen Ginsberg, called Don’t Hesitate: Knowing Allen Ginsberg. We spoke about meditation, Shakespeare, his dad, a well-known character actor who appears in the single greatest episode of The Twilight Zone, “To Serve Man,” and our thoughts about Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs. Marc also did a great Gregory Corso imitation. Marc reads a couple of pieces, and then we get to hear his band, The Job, play a song called “Birdbrain,” with vocals by none other than Allen Ginsberg himself.

Like I say in the intro, I’ll be taking the summer off after this podcast (OK, maybe one more after this), but will be back in September with more. But should I? Do you want me to? Send an email, or post on our Twitter or FB page or better yet, write a review on our iTunes page (unless you think we suck, in which case you can belay that). Peace!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Marc Olmsted

  1. Here I sit watching the sunset into Lake Ontario, beauteous, gulls, herons, and yet in the dark I see the lights of the local nuclear plant, away off West. West the pure land. Listening to Marc. Thinking of our old friend, LTR.

  2. Gads! Are there no libel laws left in this land?
    Olmstead, you will be hearing from my New York Attorneys.
    Sirs, let me remind you that defamation of character (at the very least) or much more likely, slander, are still subject to harsh civil financial penalties.
    Keep that in mind Meisler, next time you think of letting an unhinged cad reminisce freely on one of your shows.
    I am Sirs,
    Vincent A. Zangrillo

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