Mastodon South Park Season 15 Premiere - The HUMAN CENTiPAD

South Park season 15 premiere – The HUMAN CENTiPAD

I haven’t watched South Park on any kind of regular basis for years. But Matt and Trey still got it – the ability to create cogent and acerbic social commentary that at the same time is revolting and juvenile. Yay! So – how far would you go to have the latest and greatest Apple product?

Be very, very careful the next time you upgrade iTunes and agree to Apple’s terms of service! Warning: some may find this episode disgusting and in extremely poor taste. Actually, there’s something wrong with you if you don’t. You have to go to Comedy Central to see the full delightful episode.

And, if you’re wondering where they got this crazy human centipede idea from…well, perhaps you’re not connosieurs of fine foreign film like we here at Sensitive Skin, and missed the straight-to-video-on-demand premiere of the Dutch instant classic horror film, The Human Centipede. Enjoy!

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