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Episode 8 – Stewart Home

Stewart Home in conversation with Bernard Meisler.

Stewart Home podcast

Stewart Home is one of my favorite writers, because he manages to pull off something that seems easy but is extraordinarily difficult – he writes intellectual pulp fiction. Some of his better known (and titled) works include 69 Things to Do with a Dead Princess, Pure Mania, Blow Job and Cunt. In any one of these, you might find yourself in the middle of a pornographic or hyperviolent scene when the protagonists will launch into a discourse about the merits of Erich Fromm. Stewart’s most recent work is Re-Enter the Dragon: Genre Theory, Brucesploitation and the Sleazy Joys of Lowbrow Cinema, which is about as obsessive, crazy and fun as the title indicates. Oh yeah – he also likes to stand on his head while he does his readings. I don’t know why he does that, but I’m glad he does.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Stewart Home

  1. Your intro blurb is copied from Wikipedia. You should at least give credit for someone else’s writing.

    1. You’re right – I was pressed for time and (mostly) copied his Wikipedia page for the intro. I suppose I should have given credit to the author, Mr. Wikipedia. I changed it – do you feel better? I doubt it, because you are Donald Trump.

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