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Super Size Me – 10th Anniversary Soundtrack

Super Size Me – 10th Anniversary Soundtrack

Now available on Amazon and iTunes, the new release from Sensitive Skin Music: Steve Horowitz’s Super Size Me 10th Anniversary soundtrack.

It’s been ten years since Morgan Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me came out and was nominated for an Academy Award. Spurlock’s descent into three months of a McDonald’s-only diet is depressing in its revelations. And listening to this music ten years after the documentary, it’s odd how composer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Horowitz’s soundtrack for Super Size Me sounds so upbeat. Even a song called “Disease” charms with its bouncy piano line behind a slide guitar.

And that’s the way it goes through the whole album. Disconnected from the movie, this could be soundtrack music for a children’s cartoon series. It’s uplifting even if the movie wasn’t. The first track, “The Doctor Dance,” starts with a tribal beat, then a jazzy bass line, and follows with an organ solo that would fit well in a 60s lounge. This is followed by the most hyper version of “The William Tell Overture” ever recorded, sounding as if it was played for a Road Runner episode with its goofy keyboard sounds. The lead-in trumpet sounds adult, but that’s where it ends.

And it just goes on from there. It sounds like it crosses John Zorn’s music for the Japanese cartoon Cynical Hysterie Hour with Mark Mothersbaugh’s Rug Rats soundtracks put through a strong filter of Americana rather than connected to the gruesome image of eating nothing but McDonald’s food for a month. Shut out the images those words conjure up, especially if you have seen Super Size Me, and dance around the room to the fast numbers, close your eyes and sit back for the slower ones. Enjoy Horowitz’s trip through jazz and blues. And don’t try to listen to this at McDonald’s.

All music composed by Steve Horowitz
Produced by Fluffy Schwartz

Includes extra tracks not originally included in the movie.

Buy it from iTunes or Amazon

Buy individual tracks, or the whole album, in mp3 format, from Amazon or iTunes.

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