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Timber Live At Brownies, NYC, June 1, 1995


Here’s a gem that just resurfaced, a video of the complete performance by Timber live at Brownies, NYC, June 1, 1995.

0:00 Let It Down
5:10 Jam/Belay That
10:47 Anti-Mother-In-Law Car
13:35 Robins Make Eggs Blue
17:10 Bats
20:40 Newly
23:20 Puddle
25:53 Acid Test
29:15 Sugary Peppery
31:30 Bad Education
35:20 Life After

Timber was Rick Brown (drums; Run On, 75 Dollar Bill), Mark Howell (guitar; Fred Frith, John Zorn, Elliot Sharp, Don Cherry) and Jenny Wade (bass; Rude Buddha, Vodka, Swans).

There’s no other live Timber video* – or even live audio – so please excuse the occasional dropouts and glitches. “It is a snapshot of history, not a modern professional recording, and may therefore exhibit some technical anomalies and the unavoidable effects of the ravages of time.”

You can hear some of Timber’s released and unreleased studio work here.

*Except for this one, filmed the same year, also by yours truly, live at the Cooler in NYC.

-Bernard Meisler

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