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Weeks After the Tsnumai


the last few days
everything was in
chaos. When I close
my eyes, I see dead
bodies. When I open
my eyes I see dead
bodies. Each of us
must work 20 hours
a day. I wish there
were 48 hours in the
day so we could
help rescue folks.
We are without
water, electricity
and food. We barely
manage to move
refugees before there
are orders to move
them somewhere else


born of hardship after
WW2. Long lines of
starving people wait
for Osakaka, they didn’t
want bread made with
white flour from U.S.
Suddenly, instant noodles,
chicken flavored, in
the late 50’s, cups of
instant noodles for the
exhausted, for those
in shelters. Chicken
flavored ramen for the
soul, soulful, soothing.
Hot soup and noodles,
comfort food, waiting
for news of the dead.
Noodles for luck,
noodles in the cold north.
Noodles in the wind
where it smeared
on corpses and blossoms,
noodles for the starving
in this dire month.
Who can imagine a
better food


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