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wildcat fools

wildcat fools

i send my all. so many
lessons, blessings. a season
awash with insecurity, the threat of lonely
weakness, isolation, alienation. let us
remind us that these seasons flow
into and out of inside out upside the heads
we roll down each other, endless, familiar,
transformed/ing, surprising, ever cycling. we can
never be alone, our bodies merely
symbols to reflect our self in other selfs (like
seasons, endless, familiar, transformed/ing,
surprising, ever cycling). fear deceives us,
wears a mask we read to get unstuck onto
stagnation. we can never be alone. there are no
hermits. there are these media — this midway to that
old middle ground, this meeting place for us, for mediums,
for every psyche’s darkest midnight cut clean
open before the sharp light of its cupidity, this magnetic
connection to this electric sine waveform monitor; all
these interlocutors plug into one mind’s nodes and poles. not
remote control, but a rain dance. not smoke
signals but electro-telepathy, perpetual magnetic motion.

if i defend myself i
am attacked, i
retreat to militate
unnecessarily, i
mistakenly seek
[an inevitable] unity
through division.
lao tzu
recalls the way
weakness defeats strength
without force; the way
strength is sapped
with every forced exertion.

this is just a season that ecology will
never name to reverse economies’ open
secret: passwords — abracadabra, presto
(“nothin’ up muh sleeve”). so sesame,
open, unwound, unhealed and in
deed, healing. your help is always
graceful, welcome. and oh my
eye am i grateful for you share
such timeless lessons freely, such
blessings in this unlimited
art of silent science you drop way out here
amid all these tiny dots lighting
this grave blackness that surrounds
us in this nebulous and weightless
levity around the way
we make this milky
spill over
the galactic, way,
way out in
outer space.

–Norman Douglas


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