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Eddie Marshall, RIP

A living legend of the San Francisco jazz scene, drummer and band leader Eddie Marshall has passed away. Eddie was an amazing person and so giving of his time and spirit to so many generations of musicians it would be impossible to list them all. As a young bass player at Cazadero music camp, I had the distinct honor of listening to him play up close, studying his feel and absorbing the musicality of his soloing, it was a true education. After 15 years living in other places, I moved back to the SF Bay Area a year ago and tired several times to get in touch with Eddie, but sadly for me, never made the hook up. His death has left me a bit shaken. Why? well, I suppose it is because I was truly looking forward to seeing him again after a long absence. His warm spirit, amazing sense of humor, I thought I would get a chance to touch them one more time. Maybe it is this overwhelming and deep hollow feeling I am left with when truly gifted musicians leave planet earth forever. I miss the thought of them in daily life, I feel somewhat lost knowing that I can no longer touch the pure gift, and I feel sad for those who may never know.

I have been sitting on the sideline in regards to getting started with this blog. Bernard has been bugging me to do it & I guess it took Mr. Marshall’s passing to finally motivate me to take the time and get started. I want so much for you all to know about Eddie and his music. So many people have started to write and share heart felt tributes, I am sure you will be seeing a lot of them in the coming days & I will continue to post the most interesting ones I come across. In the meantime, what I think it is best for you, is to just sit back, click away, give in…..see and hear just a small part of the legacy he left behind. -Fluffy



Eddie playing live with legendary vibraphonist Bobby Hutchinson….

And here is an original piece by Eddie called “Too Much Romance” played live in Oakland. This clip features, Peck Allmond on trumpet, Glen Pearson on piano, and bassist Jeff Chambers at the Piedmont Piano Company February 27, 2011.





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2 thoughts on “Eddie Marshall, RIP

  1. Nice post. Yeah, too sad; he was so humble, warm, and generous of spirit – and that FEEL he had. Very special musician. Never had the honor of playing with him, but I met him once or twice. I always thought of him as the “Billy Higgins” of the Bay Area; just a similar vibe -but Eddie was his own musician too. Another beautiful musician added to the house band in heaven – God must be a jazz fan.

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