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the Hulk is my yidam my chosen anger deity
Marvel comicbook Avenger
blazing in apocalyptic fire
grunting wrathful 4-letter mantras
demolishing years of therapy
concepts of Buddhist attainment
& mastered sobriety
Green Id!
ripping through clothes meant
for younger sleeker men
terror of mirror wisdom
& morning-after drydrunks
to you I pray!
Atom Frankenstein
no anger management can erase
I embrace your lion’s roar
I eat all hippies
I make friends with your burning green eyes
your quickening pulse
your desperate surrender —
let’s save this planet NOW!
our separate selves hologrammed
into empty rain of wrath
vanished in our own vast
gamma bomb of ego’s ghost
O insufferable self be gone!
o Hulk
punkrock deva of the charnel ground moshpit
smash ego of all sentient beings
trapped in the bad dream
of a body threatened
in time

–Marc Olmsted


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