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“We have to distrust each other. It’s our only defense against betrayal.” – Tennessee Williams

I don’t loan books:
as a rule it removes the awkward event
of returning the book.

You begged to borrow it,
charmed me
with your speedy interest
in my book and its subject,
I told you it was a gift from a friend
and intimately shared my library policy
before I handed it over.

you and your Adderall hugged me tight as you left:
“don’t worry, I’ll give it back.”

Years have passed and I don’t have my book.

I saw you the other day outside of your home
and you asked how my daughter was doing.
I asked if you had my book.

When you re-ratted,
“I think it’s on my desk at work.”
I should have told you
I come from another planet
far beyond the reaches
of library suspensions, fines or fees:
your privileges are terminated.


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