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Live music, great show, Dan Plonsey Live this Wed night!

If you have not seen Dan Plonsey play you really should, this guy is the real deal. His ensemble is original and always engaging. In fact, you can see him and his group this Wednesday night, September 21st, at the SUBTERRANEAN ARTHOUSE in Downtown Berkeley. This is the Second of a kind-of-monthly convening of ensembles led by Dan Plonsey and Eric Kupers featuring Dan’s large ensemble, Daniel Popsicle and D(B)dandelion dance company. This performance will surface their common interests, contrast their anxieties, and forging more ideas about dismantling the distinction between artist and ordinary person. But, don’t let that scare you, it should be a lot of fun!

Just for fun, here is a clip of some of the music you might hear at the show…

& I leave you with a clip of Dan playing at the Luggage Store Gallery, last year with Vinny Golia. The tune is New Monsters #19, written by Mr. Plonsey himself. Who knows, you might just hear this one at the gig as well…



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