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Episode 10 – Max Blagg

Poet, writer and performer Max Blagg in conversation with Bernard Meisler.

Max Blagg Sensitive Skin magazine podcast

Max Blagg is an English poet, writer and performer, who has lived in the United States since 1971. We start out talking about the retail apocalypse in NYC, then Max tells how he came to the states and ended up on the Lower East Side. We also spoke about his “infamous” Gap ad when he read a poem called “What Fits,” how he got ripped off by Madonna, who stole a couple of lines from that poem, why he hates open mike readings, and why talking about LSD trips is boring.

At about the 49 minute mark, Max reads from his latest work, “Walkabout NYC.”

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4 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Max Blagg

  1. i just loved the un-edited face-to-face ambience/ambiance … apart from the dog, who can be hear giving a yap every time he hears the word ‘good’ and ‘bad’ … This observation of mine deserves a closer analysis before we call in Dog Social Services. them in anyway

  2. one of my favorite poems: “walkabout” by max blagg, great to hear him, great to hear him read–
    thats a boring thing to say, but oh so fact/true–

  3. Who takes a dog to a radio interview.

    Maybe the drugs played more of an effect on his intelligence that he thinks!

  4. You stupid cunt Ro. The dog was home. Bernardo came to my house you dimwit! If the drugs ‘played more of an effect” as you so clumsily put it, surely I wouldn’t swear so much at idiots like you with your smarmy anonymous bitching. Fuck off!

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