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Puzzles Partly, He Shoe

Puzzles Partly, He Shoe

Moments falsify no aspect of talisman or tale. Nor talus as source of value, nor described by the book in uncharted enchantment, entire hand-picked shifting presents, p resents, pre sents, shriek shrinking poems to shirk. It is the moon of dada, fabulous and unbound. Mulch endures the dirt. Our trash intrigues our lens. Intention-management. Walking often snows so many of our current futures.

The teh hte, typical typos, as dangerous as the rooms inside a poem. Pieces of an underground travelogue unravel in the written outside. Toes in the background cheese like unknown ghosts. Seminal sentence and pole vault mobius penguin.

To continue for example with the eyes to cheap books about boots and where to wear them in the house, see how far from their immediate effects our politics lurk and linger.

Felt erasure does not attain endowment nor juice of aluminum organized proactively against effectively experiential efforts.
Only a day in its role to reason as a fire.

–Jim Leftwich


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