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S02E02 – Gerald Nicosia


Gerald Nicosia in conversation with Bernard Meisler.

Gerald Nicosia Kerouac The Last Quarter Century
Gerald Nicosia

An absolute must-listen for all fans of Jack Kerouac and the Beats. Gerry and I spoke about his role as an advisor to the film version of “On The Road,” and how he was first introduced to the writing of Kerouac and what inspired him to begin writing his classic biography, “Memory Babe.” Starting in the mid-70s, Gerry travelled over 50,000 miles doing interviews for “Memory Babe,” and interviewed virtually everybody who knew Kerouac, as, except for Jack and Neal, they were all still alive back then. Then we moved on to his new book, “Kerouac: The Last Quarter Century,” which tells the sad tale of how the Kerouac manuscripts (including the ROLLS, not SCROLLS!) have been sold off to the highest bidder, rather than going to a single university for study, and how Kerouac’s daughter Jan and nephew Paul Blake were cut out of his inheritance, due to the forging (!) of his mother’s will. Finally, Gerry reads one of his own poems, “Ferlinghetti.”

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