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Steve Horowitz – Child of Amerika, Entertainment Tonight, Vivo For Mr. Powell

This newly released collection—what some might call Horowitz’s “serious” work— is both a testament to his unique creativity and a blast to listen to. Sit back and enjoy great performances of quite difficult music played by excellent musicians under the direction of a composer with a vision.

I love that I recognize Steve in his work regardless if it’s music for a Sponge Bob Game or nearly impossible 12-tone serial compositions for the band. This is to say, Steve has a voice, a uniquely strange, coherent incoherence that might make you dance or might make you wonder if there was something funny in the punch. And this, in the end, is really all that any of us in the arts can aspire to—something to say and a way to say it that stands out. He is prolific, a constant doer, an excellent band leader, and a die hard creative who possesses an enviable mix of talent, tenacity, great ears, and a killer sense of humor.

With this newly produced collection of seminal pieces from the late 80’s, Steve gets it right, once again, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to listen to!

–Andrew Barbera (Guitar God, Luck and Senses)

America - Steve Horowitz
Album cover artwork by JTA

Official release date is June 1, 2016. Now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.


Child of Amerika

This title was taken from the Jerry Rubin book “Do it” & was composed for Clarinetist Timothy Bonenfant. Cory Wright plays the part on this recording.

I am a Child of Amerika
If I am ever taken to death Row for my Revolutionary “crimes”
I will order as my last meal: a hamburger, french fries and a Coke.
I dig big cities
I love to read the sports pages and the gossip columns,
I listen to the radio and watch color TV.
I dig department stores, huge supermarkets and airports.
I feel secure (though not necessarily hungry) when I see Howard Johnson’s on the expressway.
I groove on Hollywood movies-even bad ones.
I speak only one language–English
I love Rock and Roll.

Entertainment Tonight

is based on an actual broadcast of the TV show by the same name.

Vivo For Mr. Powell

was composed by Mel Powell and is the final movement of his “Divertimento for Five Winds” composed in 1957. Here, I have re-orchestrated it for my ideal ensemble, a double rock band with horns.

A Word from Steve:

It has been an absolutely wonderful experience putting this album together. A huge shout out to my bad ass bay area band:

Jennifer R. Ellis—Harp
Cory Wright—Clarinet
Tom Dambly—Trumpet
Bill Wolter—Guitar
Roger Kim—Guitar
Scott Looney—Keyboards
Steven Blum—Keyboards
James Encarnacion—Trombone
Mark Culbertson—Bass
Jim Bove—Drums

These pieces were written at a very important time in my development as a composer. And this group of players will never really know how indebted I am to them for helping me bring them to life for other humans to hear. At one point, I thought these pieces were what I had to offer to the history of music, my love letter to posterity. I know that sounds pretentious and it probably is. I have no idea how they sound to others anymore and I don’t really care. I am just so happy to have the chance to rehearse and record them and to hear them they way they were intended to be heard all those many years ago on a hillside far far away……

The music has been bringing back important memories for me, most of them centered around my time at the California Institute of the Arts in the late ’80s:

Mike Fink
Ever patient friend, mentor, teacher and wonderful composer. I have stayed in touch with Mike over the years, he still lives in LA and still teaches at Cal Arts. It is only now that I have my own students that I understand how he must have seen me in my students days. Mike helped to guide a lot of my thought on these pieces, you should check out some of his own compositions, fantastic stuff!

Stephen Lucky Mosko
Composer, conductor, Genius, mentor and guiding light

Susan Allen
The Harpist who I wrote “Entertainment Tonight” for, who passed away this year. I remember sitting with her, going over the parts, discovering the things that did and did not work in my writing. Susan was a great teacher and friend and fantastic talent who will be greatly missed.

Jennifer R. Ellis
who plays her part on this recording sounds phenomenal. She does the music and Susan’s memory justice. She is dedicated and just crazy talented enough to pull off Harp and rock band with ease and grace.

Mel Powell
Off the charts talented composer, pianist and educator. When the Vivo was played at Cal Arts he was in the audience and on the live recording (un-released)
you can hear him laugh as a oboe solo section is played by Tuba.

You can find more about me and my music at my personal page and at The Code International.

–Steve Horowitz


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