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don't read this

friday night, i’m

in an underwater

ballet kind of mood like when

you’re a kid at the swimming pool, you sink beneath the surface of the water

and pretend you can do everything the water can


i see

becky anderson lately i’ve been obsessed with her strange antics on

cnn international

the way she struts across that empty television studio


the animated skeleton from the seventh voyage of sinbad, her whole body crackling and contracting

horrifically pure fantasy


butshe’s not the good

guy or

the bad


the screen is always neutral

a suitcase you can grab and run with when the bombs begin to drop

anyway, here’s my final con


the stock market is an STD.


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2 thoughts on “don't read this

  1. Wonderful! I always thought these anchor’s chewed Ted Turner’s opinions like bubble gum…each blowing a bigger bubble than the last until, BOOM! Your infected, too…

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