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The Rabbit and the Rat

The Rabbit and the Rat

The stones are worn
Although not quickly
Insanity led the ocean to fall
And rise again in revenge
But with a peaceful motive at hand
All went well for a short time
Until the human control fell apart
The tireless effort got arthritis
Lungs filled with fluid
Rescued before the drowning point
But after brain damage set in
Society then unfolded therefrom

Death smelt sweeter than life
And she bellowed from the dreams
As time was passing
A message that no longer had relevance
In the corporeal world
So, although it was heard crisply and clearly
The effect was so minimal it was embarrassing
And far too far beyond the point of realization
During a life where you did truly nothing
Even when you could–

Suffer well my friend in Purgatory
The spiritual place you feel most comfortable
Unable to let go the rocks and garbage
That won’t let you fit through the gates of Heaven
Although you try at every turn
To weasel your way into that illusion
Another stone that will not be dropped
An ironic condition of your lack of perception
Clogged polluted soul
Dastardly irreverent intent
A want that would get you nowhere
Even if it was decidedly true

And I obsess on this carnal shit
Drag us both down a bit
And then realize the self-indulgence of my misfortune
And a redefinition is attempted
Hold your breath dear love
While we grow to understand
The descent in the ocean

To a world that is not ours
As we feel the reality that is
How large a universe do we need?
How large the area of breath?
The water greets us only so deep
Before we do not go where we do not dare

Who are we to comb the earth and measure ourselves?
Our chants and callings changing almost as fast as vision–
While the creatures of earth, sky, and water
Rotate their rituals in such a relatively peaceful form
Against a species of beings who can move and kill
The earth an island at a time

Faster relevances took hold
A stream of consciousness built
Flowing our souls to the surface
Which we found even though
We could barely see the sun’s reflection
And when the salt met the warmth
We knew we had returned to friendly territory
But a world in which we could not stay

Now we walk on land in question
With the answers appearing only as abstractions
That took the unintended sequence
And folded in interpretations and details
That were never meant to be noticed
But existed nonetheless

Which transfigured interpretation and meaning
Beyond our skewed chemical structures
But with our substance in mind and body

Whisper my friend
Breathe to the sky
Today will not be
The day you will die

We sang the song to the sun that set
As we slept and dreamt our aspirations–

–Jokie X Wilson


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