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Zig Gron

Zig Gron is awesome!

Zig grew up in Detroit, studied music composition and now works as an independent filmmaker and deditor in Los Angeles. Zig and I met at the California Institute of the Arts way back in the 1980’s, remember them? Zig’s work is amazing, fantastic, thought provoking and fun! The thing that is always so enjoyable for me, is the musicality of the pieces, I think of them as visual music, hypnotic, engaging, clever and accessable. Several years ago, my band the Code International, did a night of music set to Zig’s short video pieces at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Recently, he had a video solo exhibition, “Seven Billion Billionaires” at Gallery 825 in LA, if you missed it, well…don’t beat yourself up about it, go see the next one.

This piece, Zig Gron’s “ApocoLips” was a featured selection at ARTILLERY’s Killer Video Festival, held April 5, 2011 at The Standard, Hollywood.

A standout among the many works presented at downtown L.A.’s Autumn Lights ’09 was this crazy piece by the Ziglet, looped and projected on the side of a wall. Rumor has it, that Shirley Manson lead singer of Garbage posted on Zig’s facebook page and said it was Genius. I must agree….

This last piece I will share answers the age old question….what is the sound of one hand clapping?


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