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Working on an amazing project with musical legend Fred Frith and the Berkeley High School orchestra conducted by the talented Karen Wells. Today was our first full rehearsal and run thru and it was a blast. The whole thing is being produced by a new, nationwide nonprofit named Composers and Schools in Concert (CSIC). the whole goal of CSIC, is to revitalize music education across the country. CSIC is about a lot of things– reviving music education, providing funding for gutted school music programs, providing opportunities for composers, and the creation of new music.

Now, one of the main things CSIC does, and something that I am very passionate about, is connecting professional composers directly with high school music programs. You got it, living composers writing new music for young players and actually meeting with them and working together on making music! The process is simple, composer writes an original piece for the student ensemble, the students rehearse with the composer, and the students perform the world premiere at an event called Commissions in Concert. All ticket sale revenue goes back to the school music programs. It’s an engaging, educational, fun and revenue-generating event for composers and schools.

The world-premiere of my piece, called MMMOG (Massive Multiplayer Musical Organized Game), is going to be held on October 27th, in Davis, CA, at the Veterans’ Memorial Theatre. and there will be another performance of the piece in Berkeley on December 15th. (Location TBA)

I graduated from BHS way back in 1982, played in the Big Band and had lots of formidable musical experiences that helped to shape my musical sensibilities over the years. I just cant tell you how wonderful it has been to come back to the school and work with these talented students. I feel like I have come full circle, home again. I feel honored to have this chance to give back in such a very meaningful way.

Now, as you can guess, There’s a lot involved in funding a project like this–so they started a KickStarter campaign to help raise some funds and awareness . Please check it out by clicking the link above, lots more info there about the other schools and composers from around the country that are involved. And then, if like me, you think that this is one of the best ways you have seen in a long time to help revitalize our music school programs, then think about making a small donation to help out.

Meanwhile, I will leave you with a few photos from todays rehearsal, enjoy & let me know what you think…..Fluffy


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