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Sensitive Skin 13

Presenting the 13th edition of Sensitive Skin, the crime issue, featuring a multitude of criminally insane artists and writers. Sensitive Skin 13 features original fiction from Peter Blauner (Slow Motion […]

Sensitive Skin 12

The 12th edition of Sensitive Skin, an anthology of art and literature, celebrates Poetry Month, with the work of 30 poets and 30 artists, one for each day in April. Includes poems by John S. Hall, Bonny Finberg, JD King, Emily XYZ, Marc Olmsted, Jack Micheline, Jose Padua, Michael Randall, Ron Kolm, Pete Simonelli, Bob Holman, Hal Sirowitz, Sparrow, steve dalachinsky, Wanda Phipps, Eddie Woods, Max Blagg, Larissa Shmailo, Rob Hardin, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Ron Richardson, Carl Watson, John Farris, David Rattray, Norman Douglas, Sharon Mesmer, Taylor Mead, Michael Carter Vladimir Mayakovsky and Sean Flaherty, with photographs by Charles Gatewood, Kym Ghee, Daniel Kolm, Jean-Christian Bourcart, Chris Bava, Evelyn Bencicova, Ted Barron, Dennis Gordon, Hal Hirshorn, Ruby Ray, Justin Clifford Rhody and Jeff Spirer, paintings, drawings and illustrations by Rick Prol, JD King, Henner Schröder, Jonathan Cowan, John Lurie, Liz Kresch, David de Biasio, Clinton King, Samoa Moriki, Tom McGlynn, Peter Shear, David West, Leslie Hardie, Joseph O’Neal, Charles Schick, Marina Loeb, Stephen Lack and Justine Frischmann. Front cover painting by Julie Torres. Back cover graphic design by Winston Smith.

Sensitive Skin 11

Writing by Arthur Nersesian, Celia Farber, Maggie Estep, D. Scot Miller, Deborah Pintonelli, Joshua Mohr, Alan Kaufman, Marc Olmsted, music by Sun Ra, paintings by Stephen Lack, photographs by Gretchen Faust, Eveylyn Bencicova, more.

Sensitive Skin 10

Sensitive Skin #10 features photographs by Charles Gatewood, paintings by Peter Shear, writing by Gary Indiana, Sharon Mesmer, Max Blagg, Drew Hubner, Patrick O’Neil, Tony DuShane, Nick Zedd, and much, much more.

Sensitive Skin 9

Sensitive Skin 9 – Fred Frith, Samuel R. Delaney, John Lurie, Marty Thau, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Chris Bava, Darius James, Doug Rice, Susan Scutti, Larissa Shmaillo, Bradley Spinelli, much more.

Sensitive Skin 8

Sensitive Skin 8 features an interview with William S. Burroughs by Allen Ginsberg, work by Ruby Ray Mike Hudson Thaddeus Rutkowski Chavisa Woods James Greer Jim Feast Rob Hardin Mark McCawley and many more.

Sensitive Skin 6 and 7

Sensitive Skin 7 features work by Rob Roberge, Díre McCain, Drew Hubner, Erika Schickel, John S. Hall, Marguerite Van Cook, Shalom Neuman, Flame Schon,and Mark Netter, much more.

Sensitive Skin 5

Sensitive Skin 5 with Jonathan Shaw, Melissa Febos, Steve Dalachinsky, Samoa Moriki, D. Scott Miller, Norman Douglas, Jen Adams, Timber, more.

Sensitive Skin 4

Sensitive Skin 4, published November, 2010, includes: A hilarious Xmas short story by Darius James (Negrophobia, That’s Blaxploitation), “Froggy Chocolates.” A novel excerpt by Stewart Home (69 Things to Do […]

Sensitive Skin 3

Sensitive Skin 3, published September, 2010. We did something a little different this time. Ted Barron, our featured photographer (and co-author of East of Bowery, from Sensitive Skin Books) provided […]

Sensitive Skin 2

Sensitive Skin 2, published August, 2010. Featuring gothic amuse bouches by Rob Hardin (Distorture), a Detroit poem by Emily XYZ, an Indian travelogue by Christian X. Hunter, an excerpt from […]

Sensitive Skin 1

Sensitive Skin 1, June 2010. Drew Hubner, bart plantenga, Jose Padua, Tim Beckett, Bob Bannister, Steve Horowitz, Justine Frischmann 34 Pages, full color.

Sensitive Skin Number 2, Vol. 1

Sensitive Skin Number 2, Summer 1994 Seemed like everybody wanted to be in the skin by the time we wrapped up our original print run with our 2nd issue (or […]

Sensitive Skin Number 1, Vol. 1

Sensitive Skin Number 1 – or is it #5? It took us almost a year to figure out that Peau Sensible in English meant Sensitive Skin. A lot of water […]

Peau Sensible 4

Peau Sensible 4 – Summer ’92 We started getting some attention – outside of the Lower East Side, that is – with this issue, as we were joined by not […]

Peau Sensible 3

Peau Sensible 3 – Spring 1992 By the time we got to issue 3, just a few months after the first, our original crew was growing by leaps and bounds! […]

Peau Sensible 2

Peau Sensible 2, Winter 1992 So it turns out that after we put out our first issue, others felt the same way. So the second issue is bigger (50% bigger!) […]

Peau Sensible 1

Peau Sensible 1 – 1991 Late 1991, Norman Douglas, B. Kold, John Farris (The Ass’s Tale) and Darius James (Negrophobia, That’s Blaxploitation) were sitting around Steve Cannon’s (Groove, Bang, and […]