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Street Photographs – Rick Piel

I love looking at the world, especially cities, the way each neighborhood has its own look and feel. I can’t paint, I’m a lousy poet. Photography is the perfect way to express my love. I’ve been documenting the streets of Washington, D.C. and New York City neighborhoods for the last two decades. I am not a revolutionary. I am firmly comfortable in the motifs and tropes of those who came before me, all the way back to Henri Lartigue and Walker Evans. I studied under a great local DC photographer, Frank DiPerna, who had his first solo show at the Corcoran in 1974 and who gave me a signed copy of Lee Friedlander’s book, Self Portraits. Friedlander became my primary influence (along with Garry Winogrand and his book 1964), but DiPerna and I both turned to color like William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz and others. I enjoy B&W but love color. It’s the world I live in.


5 thoughts on “Street Photographs – Rick Piel

  1. Your pictures are interesting and authentic slices of DC life. Love em. Winogrand and Eggleston would appreciate.

  2. such different cities, why not publish em separate? i can tell, for the most part which are DC, they both have such different feels! or, VIBES, as my Red Line name was…

  3. Rick, this is magical gallery of photos, well worth the labor you put into seeing the scenes and capturing them. Tkanks for sharing! Bill

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